Experiencing the brand new and luxury life style
from football is a whole package including the
experience outside the stadium, before and after the
game. For instance, the supporters always need to
take a very long journey to go to the stadium by using
London Underground, which we call it as "rapid"
public transport. It is a fairly quick transportation
during offpeak hours but supporters cannot even get
on the train an hour earlier before a football match. If
they do, they would get stuck or trains do not move
due to many reasons such as overcrowded.

Watching football is a globalised event and with the
growing population in London, more tourists are
coming to the city to watch football matches. While
stadiums are being extended, no major development
on transportation is being developed for football
fans. The pace of developing transportation cannot
catch up to the growing population and the
extendable stadiums (that is why the Highbury
Stadium has been demolished). Development for the
transportation has to be developed, threfore, the
transportation and stadiums must merge together.

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