Meninos de Mozambique
Creche & Training Centre for aged 0-5
children and mothers
2006 (preliminary stage)

Location: Maputo, Mozambique
Architects for Aid (now as Article 25)

The project is located in the shanty town/barrio
'Luis Cabral' in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.
Mozambique is a country recovering from 18
years of civil war, famine, floods, cholera
outbreaks and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The cities suffer from mass urbanisation, a lack of
infrastructure, poor management and a lack of
investment in basic needs. As a result there are
sprawling barrios (informal settlements) which
surround the cities. The unsettled, transient nature
of these settlements leads to the breakdown of
family structures as, for instance, older family
members migrate to find work. Street children are
often on the street by "choice" as a result of
these breakdowns.

All Images and Text: Article 25

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