The Music (arcade)

Location: Nottingham, UK

Nottingham has been one of the centres of popular music in the UK and since the late 60’s, it has
transformed itself as one of the country’s finest cities of live music.

With the likes of Rock city, Royal City Centre and occasionally the Ice Centre itself, Nottingham
has played host to world famous musicians such as the Beatles and Rolling Stones, who come
here continuing the legacy of the city’s musical history.

West End Arcade, a shopping arcade, has been one of the must go places for any musicians or
music lovers where houses some alternative record stores selling vinyl and second hand
equipments over the last two decades. Unfortunately, due to the detour design, lack of
maintenance and the appeal of the building, few people visit nowadays.

Due to lack of customers, the shops have always been moving in and out . Furthermore, people
tend to download music in digital format rather than buying records in record shop. Combined
with the history of the West End Arcade, the city itself and the preservation of the building and
music, it is an ideal site not only to revitalise the site, but also to reinstate the importance of music
with the declination of the music industry since the turn of the digital century.

“life – much closer to live” – is to bring back the soul and the very original of the music back to
our lives which was interesting, exciting and inspiring.

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