Kwun Tong is one of the earliest developed urban in Hong Kong. The industrial areas to the south have been built on 1950’s. The residential area, mainly located of
the upper Kwun Tong to the northest of Kwun Tong road, is the most densely populated statoid in the world (2), with a density of 51,336 people km2 (and Paris is
the most densely populated statoid in Europe with a a desity of 20,240 people/km2).

The statement, “Where It Ends and Lives Begin”, shows that the possibility to use reinforced concrete or steel as a building materials will be slowly taken by the bio
composite material – Fiberglass Bamboo. This material can be used as housing materials, construction materials, structure composites and sustainable materials.
Therefore, in the foreseeable future, fiber glass bamboo will be used not only in structures, as well as the design of the buildings.

The design of the building comes out as a shape “n” Fiberglass Bamboo panels that can let the sunlight directly for optimum plant growth.

A series of smaller towers will be developed in phases around the central farm tower to provide residential, offices, hospitals, and community facilities. They will be
cladded with translucent fiberglass-bamboo panels with an external diagrid structural frame of the same material.

1, 2, buildings of the master plan "grown" by the central farm tower, 4, 5
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